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CBD Tincture

I am a first time user and was looking for a site to purchase the tinctures that provided good explanations on use and product make up. The shipment was fast and tracking was great. After two weeks of use I am sleeping better and like the taste. Will be back for more.

Troy J.

CBD Lotion | Aloe and Jojoba

I used this primarily on my shoulders and lower back. Feels really nice after a gym session when I lift heavy with my back and shoulders. I notice my traps and shoulders stay more relaxed and I don't feel as much tension as I used to. I would def recommend giving this a try ! A little goes a long way!!

Kevin D.

CBD Cheese Wraps for Dogs

Fast shipping and well packaged product. My dogs nearly bite these treats out of my hand. I have never given them CBD before, so I started off slow and below the recommended dose. I already saw a difference! The treats smell delicious and I suppose they taste great, too!

Christina B.

Relax and take a break! Maiz Extracts offers quality CBD products for you and your pets. You can use CBD for a variety of reasons: to start your day, after a workout, to wind down after work, or as part of your bedtime routine. Maiz Extracts carries CBD tinctures, gummies, and lotion to make your day a little better.

Operating out of Westerville, Ohio and shipping throughout the United States.

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