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Maiz Extracts offers quality CBD products at an affordable price. We are here to help you relax. It's time to take a break! You can use CBD for a variety of reasons: to start your day, after a workout, to wind down after work, or as part of your bedtime routine. Maiz Extracts carries CBD tinctures, gummies, and lotion to make your day better. We also have CBD for pets!

Operating out of Westerville, Ohio and shipping throughout the United States.

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Customer Reviews

CBD Tincture

I am a first time user and was looking for a site to purchase the tinctures that provided good explanations on use and product make up. The shipment was fast and tracking was great. After two weeks of use I am sleeping better and like the taste. Will be back for more.

Troy J.

CBD Lotion | Aloe and Jojoba

I used this primarily on my shoulders and lower back. Feels really nice after a gym session when I lift heavy with my back and shoulders. I notice my traps and shoulders stay more relaxed and I don't feel as much tension as I used to. I would def recommend giving this a try ! A little goes a long way!!

Kevin D.

CBD Cheese Wraps for Dogs

Fast shipping and well packaged product. My dogs nearly bite these treats out of my hand. I have never given them CBD before, so I started off slow and below the recommended dose. I already saw a difference! The treats smell delicious and I suppose they taste great, too!

Christina B.